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Cover Reveal: Lovestruck By Lane Hart

Lane Hart’s newest release drops on May 31st!
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Blurb Finding love just got a little easier… What if I told you that there’s a magic potion that could lead you to the man of your dreams? Would you drink it? Josie Carter swore that there was no such thing as a “love potion” and that the crazy lady selling it at the hippie festival was a complete sham. But a tiny little thread of hope is what made her try a sip. A sip that caused a series of unfortunate events to unfold, wreaking havoc in her life but leading her to a man who just might be everything she’s been missing. Before time runs out she’ll have to figure out if it’s true love, or if it’s all just too good to be true.

About the Author
New York Times bestselling author Lane Hart was born and raised in North Carolina. She continues to live in the south with her husband, two daughters, and several pets named after Star Wars characters.

Character Interview + Promo: A Touch of Cinnamon Series by Petra March

A Veil of Glass and Rain:Special Edition (Book 1) "Delicate and resilient. Like you."Brina and Eagan meet for the first time when she's nine and he's fourteen. They like each other from the very beginning, though their bond isn't immediate, but it grows over the years. What links them is the fact that their parents are photographers and are extremely devoted to their work and to each other; so much so that both Brina and Eagan have to learn how to take care of themselves from a very young age. Despite their differences, age, gender, nationality - Brina is Italian and Eagan is American - they find comfort in their growing friendship. Then Brina becomes a teenager, and her feelings for her friend start changing and deepening. New desires stir within her. As soon as Brina realizes how those feelings complicate her friendship with Eagan, she runs away from him. A few years later, Brina is twenty and Eagan is twenty-five, they find one another once again. ( New Adult R…

Release Blitz + Excerpt:Possess BY Kaye Blue

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No weakness. Maxim has stayed alive—and on top—for twenty years through a ruthless combination of brains and brutality. He’s grown the Syndicate into one of the world’s most powerful criminal enterprises. He cares for no one.

New release: What would you do if you loved two people?

It’s been a long road, but thrilled to announce that the all-new, full-length novel The Master Class has been released. In book 3 of Sex University, everything Ms. Lucy thought was the truth turns upside down.
Book 3: The Master Class
A love triangle for a new age of romance.

Clarissa abandoned her fiancĂ© and their upcoming wedding in order to find her path. With a fresh relationship with a woman, she looks forward never back – until her ex comes searching. Trapped between the man she’s destined to marry and the woman who’s won her heart, tough decisions lie ahead.

As headmistress of Sex University, Lucy knows life comes with complications. She designs a new Master Class to help troubled couples before knowing she’d become a star student.

Determined to salvage his love, Mario, the man between them, needs to let go and realize he’s not always in control. Tantalizing lessons lie ahead for this threesome.

Sometimes the past catches up. Available now via Amazon, ARe and other eRetailers.


Release Blitz + Review + Giveaway: The Kingmaker by Selena Laurence

We're so excited for the release of The Kingmaker by Selena Laurence! Don't miss this excerpt and order your copy today!

THE KINGMAKER by Selena Laurence

Scheduled to release: April 26, 2016 Erotic Contemporary Romance Amazon: Kobo: iTunes: Nook:

He's America's golden boy. A power broker. A Kingmaker.

She's America's dirty little secret. A sex broker. A scandal maker.

Together they are headline news.

Lies, deceptions.

A Presidency hangs in the balance.

Then, there is the chemistry.

It's combustible, incendiary, explosive.





He might not care.

5-Stars Review
An amazing read, full of intrigue, romance, and drama. Kingmaker is a novel about political consultant who has made his career his life. And an escort living a lie. When circumstances throw these two together, things get a little messy... Derek isn't happy when he finds presidential candi…